MTX 1-04 KIN

MTX 1-04 KIN

MTX 1-04 KIN was built in 1978 with VAZ engine, later in 1979 car was equiped with Zastava (in fact Fiat) engine. Brand new tubular frame and suspension from advanced MTX 2-03 Spider were used. Czech genial designer, race driver and constructor Vaclav Kral design very low body without rear wing. He don´t have to use rear wing because "ejector" technology in the rear part of the car which brings needed downforce to rear axle (more info here: ).

MTX 1-04 were faster at corners then its competitors, but was harder to drive. Previous easter construction behave much more like street cars and were easy to drive on limit because slide comes very slowly and driver can control slide without big problems. 1-04 was different, speed was a little higher but on limit cars didn´t "inform" about coming slide. In hands of best drivers, there wasn´t much cars which can compete with 1-04.


Year: 1978

Engine: VAZ 21011, Zastava, 85HP

Gearbox: Skoda 4+1

Weight: 420kg