MTX 1-03

MTX 1-03

MTX 1-03 is one of the most succesful Easter Car. Introduced in 1975 car was in production for long 7 years! 53 cars were built. Chassis was next evolution of that used in MTX 1-02 but body was very different. It was projected with help of Aeronautical Research and Test Institute in Praha, Letnany. Car was very popular because of its nice and readable drive specifications.

There is stil few MTX 1-03 in historic races nowadays. Considering the body dimensions it is interesting that this cars was 10 kgs lighter than MTX 1-02. Body aerodynamics together with rear wing helps traction and all together is very succesful and nice to drive car.


Year: 1975 - 1981

Engine: VAZ 21011, 85HP

Gearbox: Skoda 4+1

Weight: 430 Kg