MTX 1-02

MTX 1-02

MTX 1-02 was based on its "older sister" MTX 1-01, but rear part of chassis were rebuilt, rear suspension was used from MTX 2-01 spider. Monopost used 1.2L engine Skoda in 1973. During the season engine was changed on VAZ 2101 (1300cm3) which became most popular engine for formula Easter series. It was not as light as Skoda, but much more reliable.

Formula Easter rules allow parts only originating from socialistic coutries, so brakes, gearbox and some suspension parts were from Skoda.

There were 24 cars of this type builded in Metalex Plzen betwee 1973-1975. Karel Jilek and Jiri Cerva won Peace and friendship cup in 1974 and 1976.

Year: 1973

Engine: VAZ 21011, 80-85HP 

Gearbox: Skoda 4+1

Weight: 440kg