Avia AE2

Avia AE2

This very succesful car was built in 1978 by legendary Vaclav Lim in cooperation with Avia Letnany company. Aerodynamics and good handling were priorities and finished car became well known because of its nice, clean shape. Avia was not only beaustiful but also very fast, after solving some child illneses, Vaclav Lim win 13 races in a row in 1979!!! He raced with this car in 63 races, won 31, 44 top 3 finishes!!!

Car was later rebuilted according to Formula Mondial rules - it has 1.6L engine and 5-speed gearbox.


Year: 1978

Engine: VAZ 21011, 90 HP 

Gearbox: Skoda 4+1

Weight: 424kg