New colleague and status report

14/04/2010 07:51

As you can see in "team members" section, new member join our "company". His name is Lubomir and he is responsible for basic physics settings and importing in-game.

We´re still loking for talented and experienced modders, who will be interested in working on this project!

Work on mod is going nicely. Lubomir prepares first version of physics and tests his work on Kielce track for rfactor. This track held few races of Piece and Friendship Cup in early 80´s. NCIS73 works on final template for MTX 1-03 and first skins and I spend my free time with MTX 1-03 cockip modelling, VAZ 21011 engine texturing and I started with MTX 1-04 KIN model. I hope I will be able to post some WIP renders soon.

Here is first cockpit WIP render: